Be honest and they’ll be fine there’s no right or wrong answer here it is just really all about you and what you want to portray and don’t think about what we want to see a world here you know you don’t have an expectation on our end yeah as far as I know another question listings have on that section is whether they should list the books and artists or if they shipped like write it in sentence format you guys have any thoughts on that go ahead well oh sorry yeah I don’t have a preference if a list is right just go ahead and put a list I don’t think but I don’t think that’s a problem so yeah whatever works I think I wrote a list actually just bullet points yeah I thought I read a lot so I had a lot of books to put down. Make your essay more attractive with

And I thought the best way to put down as many books as I want if I put him in sentence form then I would feel like I was being dishonest honestly right yeah hey popcorn ones are word limited and some like book titles some authors have like pretty long names or musicians feel free to use commas semicolons any way you want to divide two sections and we’ll we are totally understanding yes and we mentioned that in the instructions to do when you are filling out the question but it is okay if you want to use commas or semicolons to separate out you are okay okay um the next question we have is you know as a selective program or school you get piles of attractive essays you have you read a lot of essays that are really great if you are in the situation choosing one candidate out of ten competitive candidates what are the deciding factors specifically regarding the essays what makes an espy like stand out of that I love.

The hard part about that is the essay is part of an applicant thing that really attractive process right so I’ve been saying I mean I think the essay is going to tell us more about you and provide a context that won’t exist there probably won’t exist in other parts of your applicant um but by itself it is not going to be like okay so these two students are exactly the same because that’s rare I’m and then like okay so GSA’s pick one and that’s going to be the student at the minute go like that’s not the conversation especially with the press bridge application because it is asking about your biography and personal info about you and it is not going to be like a story do you can eat more right so choose the student and like the gauntlets tab and open that one and so because of that I don’t you don’t think it is necessarily an essay but I do think that there things are there important like how to be well-written on all the things that it wouldn’t be like what s one thing that begins another I’m gonna pick Hunger Games style nothing great the next one that we have.