The first example I’m going to show you is from a student who basically plagiarized for that reason it’s not totally unintentional but I don’t think he went into writing a paper intending to plagiarize any part of it he just got swept off his feet he was writing a paper this paper about the National Park System America system of national parks is one of this nation’s greatest contributions to the world cultural and natural resource heritage from the huge 12 million acre right now st. Elias National Park in Alaska too small but significant historic landmarks battlefield sea shores or monuments in every state of the Union the park system protects our national treasures and allows people to experience and learn from them but as our nation grows the National Park Service’s dual purpose to both protect these resources and to let people have access to them has led to increasing friction and conflict etc etc etc well written. Read more and check our articles on plagiarism on Edusson.

I’m not sure I would have put a paragraph break there I probably wouldn’t have put a you know started a sentence with but there’s some things that are sort of conventional with maybe journalistic writing and other things rather than academic writing but it’s well written there’s not a punctuation mark out of place or anything like that and this is a really good student he he got A’s all that earlier assignments this was his final paper and he was really a talented writer I think he actually wrote for the school newspaper so even the things that were kind of different about it were things that I recognized as being part of newspaper writing and other styles of writing the neck right but I did ask him I said this is just great we love it when our students write this well we don’t usually expect you to and but if this is yours that’s great you’re doing a great job he said yeah yeah that’s my client but at the end of the quarter I decided I had to double-check and I found the book American system of national parks is one of this nation’s greatest contributions to the world’s culture in the natural resource heritage from the huge 12 million acre rangel st. Elias National Park in Alaska the small but significant historic Park it’s exactly the same all the way down to to where I have the enclosed highlighter.

So I called him in and I said so dude what happened you know and he said it was just better than anything I could write and I challenged him on that because I don’t think it was that much better than anything he was a good writer he was going to write an a paper anyway right and he said yeah I probably could have even done something more interesting than that but it was it was just fast and easy and so he he admitted it you know it’s hard not to a minute when we got the evidence right there in front of you and it seemed like the fast and easy way but this was a guy who was bound to get an A and move on and this was actually this was a long time ago this was 17 years ago actually never seem to say and this was what I taught in a semester system college he had to take English 102 over again on a 16 week quarter not the fast way around.