We’re going to make sure that we’ve capitalized everything that we checked our spelling that we have the correct punctuation especially things like commas and quotes and and even periods at the end of our sentences okay so now you still want to reread it again and you want to hear how it sounds and then in addition to rereading it yourself once you feel that is good enough then please let someone else read it like a peer or a teacher or a family member let someone else read it so that they can give you an idea on if it is ready to be published or if it needs some more revisions okay so we have finished revising and editing our essay and now we are going to rewrite it and publish it and so here is our rewritten essay and we actually typed it.

instead of writing it and so I’m going to read it to you very quickly just so you can hear it read out loud here we go what do you know about World War one you have heard of World War one right well if you have not then keep reading this essay is going to enlighten you about World War one and how the war affected the world when reading about World War one I found it interesting and fascinating the reasons I found it interesting was how the war started the weapons used in the war and the state of the world after the war ended some examples of those reasons are what caused the war the types of weapons used in the war and the result of the war itself for most to have a good picture of the time period the u.s. Civil War was 1861 to 1865 World War one was 1914 to 1918 the war lasted four years per the book before 1914 European nations such as the British French German Dutch Spanish and Portuguese had colonized Europe and parts of India Middle East the Americas Africa and Asia.

World War one started with the assassination of Archduke furna dead and heir to the austro-hungarian throne in Sarajevo Bosnia austria-hungary then declared war on Serbia Russia allied with Austria then Germany invaded Belgium and was headed toward France on and on this conflict with killing millions of people and by 1918 over 100 countries including us were involved in the war furthermore the death casualty of World War one was significantly more than the u.s. Civil War this was due to the use of weapons in the war gunpowder was invented by the Chinese back in 450 ad and by the 1100s gunpowder had made his way to Europe who further developed it along with gunpowder came firearms / the blaze comm the first recorded firearm called the hand cannon was invented in 1364 just 15 years later handguns were starting to spread through Europe and across the world the civil war has about 650 casualties whereas World War one had over 38 million casualties and over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded.