Excellent (30 points)

1. Essay effectively examines the topic. Topic is expressed in a clearly worded thesis that serves as the framework for
the essay.

2. Uses multiple, distinct pieces of support, each clearly and effectively explained.

3. Response is structured in s multi-paragraph essay, using organization to convey complex ideas. Transitions are
included to create cohesion and clarify relationships among ideas.

4. Essay contains no errors in grammar, usage, mechanics, or content.

Good (20 points)

1. Essay examines the topic, though there is room for improvement in the depth of examination. A thesis serves as a framework, but it may not be clear or specific.

2. Uses multiple pieces of support, though some overlap may be present. Most support is explained and related to the

3. Response is structured in a multiparagraph essay. Organization is evident, but could be more effective. Transitions are included and attempt to create cohesion and clarify relationships.

4. Essay contains few or no error sin grammar, usage, mechanics or content. Errors do not interfere with understanding.

Unacceptable (0-10 points)

1. Essay fails to fully examine the topic. There is much room for further depth of examination. Thesis is missing or does not match essay.

2. Uses few pieces of support or contains much overlap in ideas. Support for thesis is limited or missing.

3. Response has little or no evidence of structure or organization. The introduction, conclusion or body paragraphs
are missing. Few or no transitions are included.

4. Essay contains moderate or frequent errors that interfere with understanding.