Top 6 Most Popular Brands of Sports Shoes

Many of us buy sports shoes depending on the brand name, but we often forget that quality and comfort also matters when selecting a good sport shoe. Most importantly, you should buy shoes that are appropriate for the activity for which you are purchasing the shoes. The shoes that provide protection, relaxation and cushioning provide a lasting effect on your foot health. Here are 6 most popular sports shoe brands which for sure will be the best investment in the long run:


Nike is an American Company which is major manufacturer of wide range of sports equipment. Nike shoes are lightweight, durable and strong which gives you more flexibility and great comfort. Be it for any particular sport or just coupling it with a pair of jeans, Nike has always been considered to be the number one sports shoes manufacturer.


The largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, Adidas is said to have shoes that are designed in a very unique and highly appealing way. Adidas shoes are soft, trendy, and stylish and are made from suede materials. Constant updated technological innovation and excellence has resulted in this brand which meets the expectations of its customers.  


Reebok is a worldwide company which is a popular producer for athletic shoes. This company got famous for its first running shoes embedded with spikes. The Reebok shoes stands different from other shoe manufacturers because of its ZigTech design which reduces the wearing and tearing of important leg muscles, thus minimizing the chances of any injury. The shoes are said to be breathable which doesn’t let the feet get sweaty and makes the usage comfortable. Reebok is quite reasonable, has something for everyone, whatever be their experience and requirement.


Puma shoes have rubber soles which provide good grip and act as shock absorbers. The Puma sports shoes have a fine synthetic lining which improves the fitting of the shoes and the breathable air mesh outer covering present in each shoe provides good ventilation. This company has weightless shoes which provide enough cushioning and protection for continuous usage. They also provide great traction which makes it easier to use in a variety of surfaces. Puma has a long way to go in the sports world owing to their evolving technology. Check out this woodland shoes collection here.


‘Converse’ is one of the America’s most iconic footwear companies which are famous for their high quality sports shoes and casual footwear. The Converse sport shoes are made of variety of materials such as canvas, suede, leather and velvet which may look bare on the outside but are soft and comfortable on the inside. It provides a wide array of choices.


Japanese giant of running sports shoes – Asics makes some of the most popular shoes worldwide. This company has plenty of options to meet their customer expectations. These shoes are stable, solid and provide moderate cushioning. There are several Asics models having features which make it easier to clean the shoes. Asics shoe models have seamless mesh upper for snug fit and are highly durable for high mileage. To conclude, Asics only provides lighter shoes for their customers but also shoes for them who are looking for flats for more support.

The Last Words

The above sports shoes brands have made a powerful and creative impact in the footwear industry. It is not always necessary that we only depend on the brand and purchase any shoe. Every shoe company manufacture shoes which will differ in performance and fit. What works the best is finding the right shoes which meet your requirements.